Underutilized Tools

One of our underutilized tools is getting our customers to visit our plants and see what we do.

I’ve participated in hundreds of plant tours. Many with individuals. Often with groups.

Almost always, visitors express surprise. Before seeing it action, they didn’t imagine what they would see.

They don’t imagine well the scope. We are bigger than they expected. The acres of lumber. The sophistication of the equipment. The methods we employ. All of those things underestimated.

They don’t imagine the teamwork required. How our work is sequenced. How we coordinate our efforts. The effort we put together to get them our products. All of those things underestimated.

Our plants and teams are impressive. The effort and urgency you bring each day are distinctive.

If we are candid, we probably don’t give ourselves enough credit. But, you should. You’re the best in our business. Proud to be your teammates.