Erwin McManus is a preacher in California.  He ministers to the rough and tumble on the streets of Los Angeles. 

Here’s a charge he gives to those he teaches: “Love like a poet.  Live like a warrior.  Learn like an apprentice.  Lead like a servant.” 

The best leaders are versatile. 

Loving like a poet sounds tender and compassionate. 

Living like a warrior sounds bold and courageous. 

Learning like an apprentice is searching and curious. 

Leading like a servant is humble and selfless. 

As we lead where we stand – in our family, in the community, in our workplace – it’s quite an inventory to take. 

It calls us to be alert for opportunities and the people with whom we serve.  It calls us to be bold with our initiatives. It calls us to be open to alternatives. 

As you lead today, how could you be improving?