We Are In The “Safety” Business

There’s a story on the news today about cases of water falling from a pallet rack at a Sam’s on a four year old boy walking down the aisle.  The boy was carried from the store alert and crying.  We hope he is recovering well.

The image of a spilled pallet of goods that fell from the sky onto a child should be a reminder to us.  We are in the “safety” business.  Our pallets are expected to be securely fastened together.  They are to be constructed with sound lumber. They should each bear the weight of the load it is designed to handle.

For us, it’s not just getting the pallets on to the truck and out the door.  We are accountable for assuring that our pallets, each one, will do the job.  The safety of our families in our communities that we serve depend upon it.

Assuring safe pallets is everyone’s job.  It is not an assignment relegated to “quality control” or “plant management”.  If you see one or more that aren’t right, sound the alarm!  Let’s get it right before someone is hurt.