What Are Your One Minute Goals?

Many PalletOne leaders have been reading a book called the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

The One Minute Manager is a leadership and business classic. It is written as a fictional story about how a young leader gets advice from a very effective manager. As the young leader sees the strategies at work, he learns that being an effective leader is built upon simple skills faithfully employed. You do them consistently, your team is more effective.

There are three strategies. The first is: Write One Minute Goals.

A One Minute Goal is a simple statement that outlines what each teammate understands is expected.

By writing each goal down and reviewing them with a manager, each teammate gets a chance to make certain his focus is on the right things and the organization is best served by your efforts.

Goals are fluid. They change with the conditions we face. They change with ever growing responsibility. They change as new markets arise. So, you can’t write them down and put them away.

You keep your goals frequently and referring to them regularly to assure your goals match your understanding of what’s important now.

So, do you have goals written down? Have you gone over them with your team leader? Are they clear and meaningful?

Having a common understanding of expectations clarifies action and energy. If you don’t have your goals, try writing them down. Take them to your leader and review them. It will add purpose to your work.