Continuing with Dr. Jennings’ APD Triad.

A is arriving.

P is performing.  Some people see performing as “doing as much as necessary and as little as possible.” They regard meeting minimum expectations as adequate.  They work actively to understand where the line is drawn and work to stay within the borders.

Jennings assumed one thinking about the APD Triad has ambition to keep moving.  One job was the means to the next.  For him, “performing” was to fulfill your responsibilities in such a fashion as to distinguish yourself from ordinary or normal.  To be normal or ordinary means you get stuck.  No advancement.

So, performing means to do your job in such a fashion as to “move the needle”.

You perform when you raise the standard that existed when you took the job.  Increase throughput. Improve quality.  Change the scope of what people once expected from your position and what more they get now.

You perform when you do the job your given and expand your capacity so that you can do more.

You perform when you learn in such a fashion as to develop your knowledge about the processes and products you work with.  Your knowledge distinguishes you.

Performers are great teammates.  They are a factor in helping those around them do better.  Their presence raises the level of performance.

Performers are candidates for more responsibility.  They are recruited for different roles.  They ask for more challenging responsibilities.  They offer help rather than criticism.

Performers “happen to the world.”