What Will Your Legacy Be?

Nathan Whitaker is an author. Most recently he helped Tim Tebow write his bestselling autobiography.

Recently Whitaker wrote a guest column in The Orlando Sentinel about the Tebow phenomena. This note isn’t about Tebow but it’s about an assertion Whitaker made in the column.

He said this:

“The question isn’t whether we will have a legacy – we all will. Rather, the open question is whether that legacy will be positive or negative. Are we living life in a way that positively impacts those around us?”

I thought about this quote today when I was visiting with one of our colleagues. He was returning to work after attending his uncle’s funeral.

“My uncle was dirt poor. But, I’ve never seen so many people come pay their respects. Turns out he would visit folks in the nursing home every Sunday. When someone needed something in that community, he would be helping.”

I am reminded that we all have resources to make a difference. Whitaker’s right. Whether we have a legacy isn’t in doubt. How do you intend yours to be?