Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing


Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing. If you find yourself in an unhappy situation, what are you doing to fix this aspect of your life? Are you actively trying to change things for the better or are you ignoring the problem?

I was visiting with a friend.  He found his job hard.  Felt like his pay was unfair.  Felt like his forward path was undesirable.  Yet, he was still in the job.  Had no plan to change.  As the above quote asserts, his failure to change was, in actuality, choosing to be miserable.

I hope you aren’t in the same place.  But if you are, something needs to change.  Life is too short to remain miserable.

Here’s the way I think about it.  My life consists of a ledger.  On one side is a list of all the things I do that support my goals and direction toward a good life.  On the other side are things that need attention.

Things that will require further attention include any issue, condition or situation that causes me stress, concern or detracts from the direction I want to go or the things I want to accomplish. My growth will come from this list. It’s a trove of opportunity. I need to be in touch with this list. Work this list. Move items from the “need to change” column, while adding more to the list of things I intend to do.

Try as I might, there are always things on my “need to change” list.  I’m never lacking things to attack.  How about you?