Work With The Customer In Mind

“Work is simply taking the raw material of creation and developing it for the sake of others.” Tim Keller

As a “lean” company, we strive to add value. The goal is to perform tasks and to produce products for which someone is willing to pay. The “lean” theory says if we are doing something or charging for something a customer wouldn’t want to pay money, it is waste.

Keller’s quote reminds me. The work we do, each of us, is intended to add value for someone. So often, we go about our work in a routine fashion without any regard to the customer we serve.

If we keep in mind who we are creating our product or service for, it can be an inspiration. It can cause us to be more accountable. It can add pep to our step because of the pride we take in our work. It can sharpen our eye to enhance the quality of our work.

If you feel “blah” about your work, stop and reflect upon who it is you serve.