The tributes to the late Kobe Bryant are everywhere. Quite a shocking development. A large reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised.

My favorite clip so far was an end of career interview he did with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon. He was asked how he hoped he would be remembered:  “As one who didn’t waste a moment.” “Who didn’t waste a day.”

Someone who was extremely blessed by God-given talent. At the same time, who didn’t take it for granted at all.

Someone who was born with a lot of talent but did everything he could to overachieve.

Someone who lived every day as if he was the (last) guy on the bench.

I think it’s a powerful message to have and if others would choose to embody it as well, it would be a great model.

Take your talent. Be grateful for it. Work hard to maximize it. Do it every day.

Pretty good advice.

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” – Proverbs 27:1

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