“I’ve never seen any life transformation occur without a person getting sick of their own bullshit.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

When it comes to getting better, my messages usually are encouraging.  Start each day with a plan to get better.  Get a little better every day.  Establish habits that make you better.  Steady improvement will compound over time.  You’ll look back in time and see how much you changed.

All that is true.  Such is a life led intentionally.

But the reverse exists too.  No plan.  Get a little worse every day.  The deficit deepens.  No good habits to fall back on.  You look around and don’t like anything you see.

You get sick.  You realize your reality.  You’re in the hole because you dug it!

I’ve been in those holes.  Sometimes they are physical holes.  Sometimes they’ve been in poor relationships.  Sometimes my soul has been sick, and it sapped me of my energy.

And comes the realization that if I dug it, it will be up to me to work myself out.

Transformation begins with a solid assessment of your role in the matter.  Want to change the course of things?  Admit what you’re doing isn’t working.  Change direction.