Determination Creates Excellence

“Most men succeed, because they are determined to.” George Allen

We want to attribute success to many things: intelligence, inheritance, luck, talent, creativity, physical abilities, genius.

Coach Allen, who was a successful coach whose children became a gifted film producer, a successful pro football executive and a governor makes the distinction that counts the most.

The truth is we all have talent, intelligence, creativity, physical ability and financial resources. If the truth be known, most of us are close to average. Few of us are exceptional.

So, as Allen suggests, our determination defines.

My favorite new phrase is “no one drifts into excellence.”

You want to be excellent? Set your sights on the target. Work hard to get there. When you encounter setbacks or plateaus, don’t quit.

Remember, chances are that if the competition is getting better results, its intention and determination that is the major difference.