“Focus on building a track record of success, and people will keep betting on you.”

I was reading an article by Adam Bryant, a columnist from the New York Times.  For 10 years, he’s written a weekly column where he interviews a CEO and describes what he learns.  He is wrapping up this series and is moving on to something else.  He wrote his last column yesterday.

Since it was his closing address, he offered some summary thoughts on success and achievement as a CEO.  It’s an interesting read.

Among the wisdom shared was the quote above.  It’s what I found to be true.

Most people who you admire in the circles you travel, accomplished their reputations and achievements one day at a time.

They were faithful with their assignments.  They did them to the best of their ability.  They gained confidence and competence.

Opportunity sought them out in the form of more complex assignments and increased responsibility.

Folks were willing to give them the job and the challenge to do it.

So, take your time.  Distinguish yourself through hard work.  The world will take notice.