Exploring Untapped Potential

Matt Hudson, a friend of mine attending a leadership conference, tweeted this quote:

“The worst thing you can die with is potential.” – Henry Cloud

Dr. Cloud is one of my favorite authors. His book, Necessary Endings, describing the role of cycles and pruning in life, is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

His quote today resonated with me. Rare is the individual who doesn’t have regrets about talent squandered and opportunities not cashed in.

It is said that one of the key transitions in life is getting to age 50-60, being able to take stock of life and view the outcome with satisfaction.

When your life is filled with “woulda,” “coulda” and “shoulda,” it moves toward dissatisfaction.

So, Dr. Cloud’s idea that potential should be used to its fullest strikes me as a strategy for a meaningful life.

How about you? Is there potential untapped? Can we help you to tap into it?

Nationwide statistics suggest most folks don’t work to their full ability. My goal is that you would find being part of our team satisfying. Let me know if there are ways you see that we can accomplish the goal.