Mark Merrill writes about Marriage and Family.

I read with interest, a list of five manners parents should teach their children.

Selflessness:  In a successful marriage, selflessness takes the lead.  Parents who are focused on putting each other first, teach their kids an invaluable relationship skill.  Be a role model by putting the “other” first and you will teach your kids the fundamentals of affirmation and respect.

 Please and Thank You:  “Please” says; “I’m not entitled” and “Thank you” says; “I appreciate what comes my way.”                                                                             Teaching your child to have an open grateful heart will help them in life.

Attention:  These days it’s easy to put your nose in the phone or screen and tune out everyone around you.  It can be rude.  Teach your child to pay attention to those in front of them, by being someone who pays attention to those in front of you.  It will set them apart.

Respect:  Don’t act entitled, acknowledge those in front of you, express gratitude, these are all signs of respect.  Don’t be heard saying disrespectful things.  Insist your kids do the same.

Kindness:  Open doors, let others go first, share from your holdings, be hospitable, and smile.

The world lacks civility these days.  I wish there was more of it around.  We can turn the tide by teaching it at home.