Happy Birthday USMC

I was informed today is the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corp.

I’ve known a few Marines in my day. All of them exemplified grit, resourcefulness and toughness. Most would tell you that their tough training as a Marine made all the difference.

My brief reading of Marine history indicates they were formed to be the expeditionary arm of the Navy. In other words, if the Navy strength was getting to the places of battle by sea, the Marines were expected to use Navy transportation and take the land by force.

Marines were on the frontline and their expedition was to move further into the enemies territory and turn the battle toward the favor of the Americans.

It takes a different kind of individual to embrace the frontline. It starts with the courage to lead the way. The flexibility to adapt to the turns of war. The endurance to persist in an expedition where obstacles include unfamiliar terrain and the enemy.

To be a good Marine is a lifetime designation. Marines don’t leave the experience behind. The training and the mission is pounded into their soul.
It becomes part of how they attack life.

Their motto “Semper Fidelis” means “Ever Faithful”. Faithful to their commitments. Faithful to their cause.

So, for all those Marines out there amongst us: “Happy Birthday, Marine”.