Are you hardy?

Being hardy is associated with being tough. Hardy people show up. They make it through the hard times. They can make bad situations better. You want hardy people in your “foxhole.”

  • Hardy people are made, not born. Somewhere along the way, you have learned to be hardy. Someone inspired you. They guided you through a tough time through coaching, teaching, and encouragement. Once a person sees how hardiness works, they begin to build up their hardy muscle.
  • Hardy people are committed. They aren’t indifferent to the activities that they join. No going through the motions. They engage in the game at hand. They pay attention.
  • Hardy people feel they have control. They are confident they can learn what needs to be done. They are capable of making a contribution. They feel they have a role in the operation and can execute.
  • Hardy people respond constructively to challenge. Setbacks don’t daunt them. Competition spurs them. They use the scoreboard as motivation. If a challenge doesn’t arrive in the normal course of things, hardy people will seek one out. Challenge is a current that runs through their veins.

You learn to be hardy. It’s a skill.

Mentally check yourself:

  • What are you committed to in your life? Would an evaluation of the use of your time, talent, and treasure reflect those commitments?
  • How much do you exercise control? Are you being creative in deploying your ability? Are you making sure your contribution matters? Are you focused on how you can contribute compared to worrying or sulking about things out of your control?
  • Can you cite readily the challenges you are facing right now? What have you done recently to engage those challenges?