Interesting Rather than Bored

I was talking with a young friend who was working for her dad at an insurance office. She said that she would like to find something different because insurance is “boring.”

I thought about it and reminded her: “you know, being “bored” is a choice. You can choose to be “interested” instead. ”

Here’s my thought process. If you have to be someplace, choose to be mentally engaged. Spend your time on the job learning what there is to know about. Ask questions. Probe deeper. See what you can apply to other things you do. Become a learning machine.

If you choose “interested” rather than bored, you will distinguish yourself from others. Your skill set will expand. Your knowledge base is broader.

The more you know and the broader your skills, the greater is your ability to adapt to the situations you encounter in life. You will go through life making a difference faster. People will be glad you came along. There will be more situations you are willing to engage.

“Interested” people happen to the world.