Organization Coach

There is a common perception these days that the path to mastery includes putting in 10,000 hours of practice.

The theory includes a couple of qualifiers.  The 10,000 hours is best when the practice is the focused as compared to going through the motions. Focused means striving with specific improvement in mind. The 10,000 hours are also more effective when a “coach” is involved. Someone who watches. Someone who guides. Someone who challenges.

The implication is that an organization will improve to the degree that its members are striving to get better daily and the team has feedback structures in place.

So, how would you answer these questions:

What are you working on? Where are you trying to move? What progress are you making?

And, who is on your team to help you get there?

As I reflect upon this, I am going to be thinking about if we as an organization coach as well as we should. I suspect we have some opportunity in this arena.

But, don’t wait for the company to catch up. Happen to the world.

Set some targets. Be intentional about pursuing them. Seek feedback from those who could help you.