Perspective, Priority and Practice


Breaking a habit or creating a new habit is difficult. That’s why New Year’s resolutions are so tough to create.

Our “lean” manager Steve Roberts shared some psychology that he learned recently by listening to a sermon.

The speaker was talking about 3 P’s: Perspective, Priority and Practice.

According to the speaker, the mistake that we make is that we begin to practice before we align our thoughts. Steve explained it this way:

“If we want to change our practice, what we do in a situation, we can’t just dive right in and expect it to stick for a long period of time. We first need to make it a priority.

But in order to make something a priority, we have to have aligned perspective about the situation, facts or judgment.

Therefore, with an aligned perspective and priority, the practice that we ultimately want will occur with less internal resistance.”

To make a change stick, it is important to commit to the change – that’s priority. To make it a priority the logic for change has to be compelling – that’s perspective.

Change that is entered on a whim won’t take hold. Change that is considered in advance and supported by conviction has a chance.