Pursue Your Goals To Achieve Happiness

“Any fool knows that to work very hard at something you want to accomplish is the only way to be happy.” Eugene O’ Neill

This is a starkly obvious statement. It underscores the value of choosing a course you want to pursue and leaning into it.

It is filled with intention. Working hard takes intention. If you aren’t fueled by your choice of goals, you won’t work hard. Without the fuel, it will be easy to take a day off. You will be more prone to go less than full speed. When setbacks or plateaus come, you will be inclined to withdraw or change direction.

To know what you want to work hard at accomplishing is a blessing. Some struggle to find it. Others don’t know it’s important to choose a direction.

These targets for happiness are diverse and expansive. They can be located at work, at home, in the church, in the classroom, on the playing field or serving the community.

But as diverse as those targets may be, the unifying force is they fuel your quality of life. Take an inventory. Make a choice. Pursue it hard.