The Importance of ‘Walking Straight’

My music genre of choice is Country. Lyrics are frequently “laugh out loud funny”, but sometimes poignant.

I heard performer and writer Billy Currington sing a song yesterday. The refrain went like this:

“Walk a little straighter Daddy

You’re swaying side to side.

Your footsteps make me dizzy and no matter how much I try, I keep tripping and stumbling.

If you’d just look down here you’d see.

Walk a little straighter Daddy

You’re leading me.”

We have many daddies at PalletOne. Some raise their families at home.

Circumstances have caused others to raise them part-time.

Currington’s lyrics remind us how important the role of “Daddy” is. Little ones pay attention. They watch and copy. And, if the path we lead them upon is crooked and swaying, we shouldn’t be surprised if they have a tough time succeeding in life.

Many of us didn’t have ideal leadership from the men in our life. We know the impact that created.

So, how are you leading? It’s not something you do later. It’s something you do now.

If your path isn’t something that makes you proud, there is good news. You can begin today.

Opting out as a leader of your children isn’t an option. You will be an influence whatever your choice. I hope you aren’t swaying, but walking straight.