I was listening to sport psychologist Jim Loehr on a podcast with Tim Ferris.

He was talking about the power of the voice in our head.

He notes the voice in our head is the one we listen to most in our life.  We pay attention to it.  It leads us.  It sets the tone of our day.

The voice can be a teacher.  An encourager.  A director of effort.  It also can be a damning critic.

He asked a profound question:

If you were in a big arena with a huge sound system and the sound coming from the system was the voice in your head, would you be proud of what everyone could hear that voice saying?

If your voice in your head isn’t suitable for public consumption, think of the damage it does to you in private.

Loehr recommends that we write our scripts in a journal.  Powerful, affirming scripts.  He recommends that we listen intently to our private voice and change it when we can’t claim it publicly.  Every single time.

What’s playing on your sound system?  Is it suitable?  Is it wholesome?  Is it taking you someplace you want to go?