Time For Spring cLEANing

It’s spring time. I’ve been disposing of stuff.

I heard of a strategy about decluttering your closet. It goes like this:

Take a look at every single piece of closing in your closet.

Ask yourself: How much would I pay for this item of clothing today?

If the answer is zero, it’s wasting space with you and it needs a new home.

I did this to my closet and unloaded a bunch of stuff. Shirts that didn’t fit quite right. Sweaters with holes in them. Shoes that don’t fit the rotation. They made their way to a local thrift store. Hopefully to a better home.

Our workspaces are like our closets. What’s in your space that you don’t need or don’t use? What’s left there from a job or function that you once did?

People who operate in a lean way take this kind of inventory all the time.

Shelves get cleared of excess inventory. Tools get repurposed. Things we step over all the time are removed.

Take a fresh look at your collection spots. See what needs to go. The sparser our work space, the more that gets done.