Ask Questions to Execute Better

As you execute your job, it’s our duty to make sure we answer the most important questions.

First, what do I need to know to keep myself safe from injury? And, what do I need to know to keep from being a risk to others?

Who is my customer – the person or group that will be most affected by how I perform? What exactly do they expect me to do for them? How will I know that I’ve done well?

Are there numbers associated with my job? Is there a certain amount of product I should generate? What’s the best that’s ever be done? What’s above average? How will I get feedback?

What do I need to know about the equipment assigned to me? How can I be sure it is working the way it is purposed? How do I take care of it? Who do I call if I need it fixed or am not sure if it is working right?

Candidly, those of us familiar with our work take it for granted that the answers to such questions are obvious. We leave much to experience and intuition. That’s not the most effective way to roll.

If you’re new, ask questions. None are dumb – it will help us be better.

If you are experienced, try to remember what it’s like to be new. Who helped you adjust? What did you learn later that you wished you knew sooner? How can you help?

Before you are effective, you have to know stuff.