“Spirit is highly contagious.  When people are very excited, very happy, or very sad, you can catch it from them as easily as measles or a yawn.  You can catch it from what they say or from what they do or just from what happens to the air of a room when they enter it without saying or doing anything.” – Frederick Buechner

This came from a daily devotion.

Does it ring true to you?

Did someone pop into your mind?  Someone who makes a difference in the room.  What is it about them?  How they pay attention?  Questions they ask?  Efforts to encourage others by saying hello, speaking a name, acknowledging presence?

They volunteer.  They raise their hand.  They follow the leader, or they lead when there is no one to lead.

We also know the opposite.  The dream killers.  The wet blankets.  Those who subtract by not adding.

What’s your reputation?  Is bringing a positive spirit your intention?  How is your spirit affecting your team?  Your family?  Your significant other?

As with most things, it’s a choice.  Are you bringing the juice?  Happening to the world?