I lead a small Bible study with some friends of mine. Lately, I’ve been focusing on the many questions Jesus asked.

This note isn’t a Bible lesson as much as it is a reminder of how essential questions are to effective communication.

We are trained in school to answer questions. We get positive feedback when we are called upon and can give an answer.

But through the years, I’ve learned that asking questions can be the “secret sauce.”

  • Questions yield information and knowledge. Giving answers just confirms what you know. Asking questions informs at a higher level.
  • Questions communicate respect. In conversation, when you ask a question, you extend an invitation for the one questioned to be known.
  • Questions are a path to deeper relationships. Follow one question with another and then another, and your relationships deepen. Questions take you to more weighty conversations. Deeper relationships inspire trust.
  • Questions build team effectiveness. They generate more information. Better decisions are made. Communication gets easier.

Are asking more questions a key to your leadership strategy? Are you an intentional questioner? Consider your last few conversations. How would you rate?