Life is Cumulative

“Success is cumulative. So is failure. It’s a result of what you do every day.”

Do you ever play the “what if” game?

I do it. But, it’s not a game. I will look back and consider the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met. I will pause to consider the choices I made and those I didn’t.

I take a little bit different approach to the quote. I think of it as “Life is cumulative.”

We are the sum of our experiences.

If we want to be satisfied with life, we will be intentional about making choices.

If we want to be satisfied, we will endeavor to improve every day.

If we want to be satisfied, we will act in ways to be a positive influence on those we encounter.

We will say encouraging things.

We will give more than we get.

We will remain hopeful and resilient in the face of challenge.

We will be good stewards of the resources sent our way.

We are building a life day by day. Author Erwin McManus says this:

“It’s not ‘if’ we will create something of our life. It’s ‘what’ we will create. Your choice.”