One of the ways we get feedback is by opening our plants to visitors.

I’ve heard about two this week:

One was in Selma. A pallet company owner came to visit.  He has 120 employees and ships 60 loads of pallets a week.  A formidable pallet operation.  It was his first visit to a PalletOne facility.  I happened to be there as he completed the tour.  As he began the tour, he said, “I’ve got to tell you, I’m humbled.”“Your guys are flying around and getting things done, its obvious morale is good.” “The housekeeping is impeccable.”  “Your product is well made.”  “I knew you were big, but I figured you used your size and scale to gain advantage, I can see you’re doing it the right way.”  I was glad that Burton Fisher, our plant manager in Selma, was there to hear these praises first hand.

We had another visit from a customer to our Maine location.  Two supply chain experts who had never seen a Sawmill or a Pallet Plant.  Our team spent four hours with them.  We received the same story.

Pallets may be a commodity, but there is skill and expertise in producing them.  In Maine, we just came off a record month.  We buy logs, convert them to pallet parts in a Sawmill, nail them up and ship them.  We also have a growing recycling operation there.  Maine has the largest group of employees at any single facility in PalletOne.

I write these stories several times a year.  Usually there are different plants.

Same story:  Great productivity.  Great teamwork.  High quality.  A first rate environment not expected amongst pallet manufacturers.

I would send anybody I wanted at any time to one of our plants and expect the same kind of feedback.

Our PalletOne Teams are extremely good at what they do.  We are at the top level of our industry.  Whether treating wood or building pallets, we set the bar.

I am proud to be on the team.