Pressure is Something You Feel When You’re Unprepared

I was impressed with the manner and the substance through which Eli Manning led his team to a Super Bowl victory on Sunday.

Eli just plays. His interviews are bland. He credits his teammates, his owners, everyone else. In a game where quarterbacks are valued for swagger, he is low on the swagger index.

His teammates say you can’t faze him. Whether winning or losing, he just plays the next play. He withstands hard hits. He makes clutch passes. He leads his team through his actions.

Yesterday, as he led his team to a big fourth quarter touchdown and victory, he established himself as the quarterback that you want leading your team from behind when the game is in the balance.

As he performed perfectly on that last drive yesterday, I remembered this quote from last week:

“Pressure is something you feel when you’re unprepared.” – Eli Manning

Eli’s been preparing for such a time as yesterday all his life.