2022 is upon us. It’s the time where you begin to make New Year’s resolutions.

Research says most resolutions will die before the month of January is over.  Because they regularly fail, most of us don’t put much credence in them.

Try this mindset: Don’t make resolutions. Make commitments!

Commitments have a different ring to them. They involve a personal promise. They involve our integrity.  People who make commitments and honor them are trusted teammates, partners, and friends.

Commit to short-term goals, not lofty resolutions. Make a commitment for the next day or week, then do it.

Making commitments to yourself and fulfilling them builds confidence and competence. The greater your record at fulfilling your commitments, the more capable you become.

When you make commitments to yourself and fulfill them, you more readily extend your commitment habits to the world you impact.

Our world around us gets better when we make commitments and honor them.

No resolutions this year. Commitments.