Dr. David Murray wrote a blog on what he learned from failure and the positives that were accomplished as a result. I want to share some of his insights:

  • Failure humbles. It just does. Sometimes it exposes overconfidence. Sometimes it exposes a lack of preparation. It uncovers arrogance. It teaches you that you don’t do or know everything.
  • Failure causes you to be more sympathetic to others. Suffering loss and setbacks adds perspective. Your downfalls cause you to understand and receive mistakes made by others.
  • Failure will redirect you. Failure exposes limits. It exposes weakness. It sends you back to the “drawing board.” It causes you to redouble efforts. It forces you to desert unproductive and unsuitable pursuits. It teaches you which mistakes should be avoided in the future.
  • Failure cultivates an appreciation for others’ skill and ability. Failure gives you a deep appreciation for people who can do things better than you.
  • Failure slows you down. Failure is often a product of impulse. Sometimes poor planning or lack of research. Being thoughtful and intentional can create better results.
  • Failure isn’t fatal. Get up. Keep fighting. Finish strong. Keep the faith.