“Weak leaders make people weaker. Strong leaders make people stronger.” – Adam Grant

PalletOne leaders happen to the world. We show up. We make a difference. We leave the places we go better because we showed up.

Dr. Henry Cloud says we all leave a “wake” behind us. Imagine you’re in a boat cutting through the water, and you’re leaving a wake. One side is results. The other side is relationships.

The world is full of “wakes” that are strong on results and weak on relationships.

If you’re a leader at PalletOne, you realize that the results won’t be as good if we don’t also tend to relationships.

We tend to relationships when we make sure everyone has a goal.  A leader challenges his people to have a goal. The goal can be professional or personal. The goal can focus on skill development or developing a discipline.

We tend to relationships when we speak words of encouragement and appreciation. Most of us keep our positive regard for others inside. We don’t get it to our lips and out enough. People will say they don’t “need” affirmation. But no one I know shrinks from receiving it.

We tend to relationships when we teach, explain, coach, and redirect. The strong leader observes and offers feedback—all the time. Mixed with encouragement and appreciation, feedback that directs others to better performance and effectiveness is highly desired.

Strong leaders inspire growth through goals, encouragement, and an eye toward development.