Who listens to you?

Who listens to you? I mean, really listens?

As you picture that person, make a list of feelings you have when you are with them.

Understood? Respected? Welcome? Loved?

Listening is an underrated skill. To become an effective listener empowers you as a relationship builder.

Here are a few things that psychologist Erich Fromm said good listener do:

  1. Great listeners concentrate on listening. They remove physical distractions. They focus on the conversation
  2. They have clear minds. They clear away mental distractions too
  3. They have imaginations that allow them to develop good pictures of what they are hearing.
  4. They have the ability to capture the emotions and sentiments surrounding the story they are hearing. They communicate their understanding well to those to whom they are listening.  This is called empathy
  5. A person who combines concentration, imagination and empathy has built a package that communicates extraordinary connection. It takes practice. It achieves great results.