Confidence is the last factor of the development model we have previously discussed. A good team or organization will create confident stakeholders.

Teammates are confident when they feel connected and cared about. They will develop growing competencies through their participation in the enterprise and build trust, as we all conduct life with high character. 

We are delighted to add new, talented people to our team. We need the new blood.

But we’re also blessed with many folks who have been with us for a long time.

  • They model the character we want to exhibit.
  • They start the caring cycle, which makes the new people want to be a part.
  • Their communication habits help ensure that all the connections are solidly maintained.
  • They teach what they know and model continuous learning so that collective competencies grow.

Those characteristics create a culture of confidence that says we can do hard things. We will stand apart from our competition. We will be known for our excellence.