Make The Most Of Opportunity

“A bad day for the ego is a great day for the soul. – Michael Beckwith

I was telling a story about a blown leadership assignment.

I was elected to a great position. I accepted the position while the organization was experiencing record success.

Rather than plan ways to help the organization grow, I took a laid back approach. I kept it on a steady pace. No new challenges. No plan to address weaknesses.

Guess what? We slipped. I realized late in the process that I had squandered a great opportunity. It grieved me for years.

But, it was good for my soul.

It humbled me. I realized the good work that got me to the great position had to continue after the position was achieved.

It taught me something about satisfaction. The grief of the squandered opportunity far exceeded the satisfaction of achieving it. In other words, while achievement brings joy for the moment, it doesn’t match the satisfaction of doing well with the opportunities available today. And tomorrow as well.

While I learned the lesson, I’d be dishonest to tell you that I never squandered another opportunity. But, on the occasions I do, my soul is quick to alert me: “Hey, you know better than that! Get your head in the game.”

Gratefully, every new day brings a new game.