Making Things Happen

How was your day at work?

Did you make something happen?

I heard a presentation by a preacher named Steve Carter. He was talking about people who “happen to the world.” He said that they model four behaviors.

First, they have a clear sense of intention. They start each day with an agenda. They have a list of accomplishments in mind.

Second, they expect they can accomplish the agenda. They believe they have the tools, the abilities and the likelihood of making something happen. So, they operate with a level of confidence.

Third, they have skills in connecting. They know making significant things happen will depend on cooperation and collaboration with others. Thus, they constantly work on skills that build relationships.

Finally, they are bold and take risks. They make large plans. They make big plays. They adjust on the run. They communicate courageously. They find a way.

Making things happen comes with a consistent mindset. Intend it. Expect it. Do it together. Be bold in finding a way.