Our Products Are Cool Part 2

Our products are cool.

Take the pallet. Before it existed, products had to be hand loaded and unloaded. Since introduced, it’s become the platform central to the world’s distribution system. It’s been called the greatest labor saving device known to man.

It’s built from sustainable materials. The lumber resource we use is growing at a faster pace than we are using it. Wood remains the most economical, available and versatile material from which to construct pallets. It’s hard to imagine another material displacing us soon.

It’s engineered for economy and versatility. We help our customers design their pallets. We arm them with computer aided designs which helps assure there is enough material to do the job but no more than is needed.

Pallets work. Indoors or out. Wet or dry. Cold or hot. Light or dark. Customers may take them for granted, but are moved to panic when they run short of them. Pallets are a vital piece of efficient operation.

Our customers count on us. To build them as designed. With no defects in workmanship. Delivered on time.

Frequently, when I’m asked what I do, I tell them we build pallets. One response I get is this: “well, I guess someone has to do it.”

Damn right we do! Everything stops if we don’t.

Pallets are cool! We work together to get products to the world.