Teams Thrive

I watched a television show about how higher order animals (dolphins, chimps, elephants) evolve and work together.

Though my wife says my nine pound poodle is smarter than we are, the conventional wisdom is that humans are unique because of their ability to reason, adapt, create and imagine. Because of those capabilities, we do extraordinary things such as sacrifice, delay gratification and cooperate.

So, the theory is that those human capabilities aren’t available in other species. The strongest and biggest animal is believed to be the alpha animal. The weaker animals are driven out. The fittest survive. The weaker dwindle away.

This particular show demonstrated some research which indicates the survival of the fittest theory might not be as pervasive as believed.

They are discovering that in higher order species there is capability of cooperation and consideration. Those animals who team up better are more likely to thrive. A more dominant but stingy animal could more likely fail.

I’m no biologist but the idea that teaming up can cause you to thrive is a truth to embrace. Many times we see that strength and size can be conquered by those who team and cooperate.

Our ability to team up has gotten us through tough times and will carry us to better ones. I am so grateful we have the right mindset and are prepared to thrive.