“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Steve Spurrier, football coach

Teams make you better.  When I consider the best things I’ve been associated with, there was teamwork involved.

My family. Team

Our company. Team

My church experience and spiritual growth.  Supported by teams.

It goes on.  Pretty good athletic experiences.  The thrill of victory.  Teams.

The agony of defeat.  Soothed by teams.

We are wired to be connected.  We learn from others.  Receive comfort from others.  Are inspired by others.  Get ideas from others.

We have roles in teams.  Sometimes we lead.  Sometimes we score.  Sometimes we carry the water for others.

If we are smart, we are looking for teams because they help us discover more about ourselves.  We develop skills in teamwork, and it leads us to expand our reach.

Teammates raise our competence.  Teams to which we are committed cause us to be more accountable.

Take a fresh look at the teams you are part of.  Double down on the good ones.  Try to make a greater difference as you participate.  Ditch the ones that don’t have leadership, purpose, or connection.