I was reading a book by Rick Warren where he discussed the process of improvement.    

He said four things need to happen to improve:  

1. You have to want to improve.

It seems obvious, but improvement only comes when the parties to be changed want it for themselves.

2. You have to decide to improve.

Deciding is different from wanting. Deciding is making a plan. Deciding is investing. Deciding is signing a contract. Deciding is setting your heart, mind, and body toward a goal. Deciding gives priority.

3. You have to make an effort.

If it’s exercise, you’ve got to get moving. If it’s diet, you change how and what you eat. If it’s a relationship, you change the amount and quality of time you spend. Debt? Money spending. Lack of knowledge? You line up books and teachers to help you learn.

4. You have to persist.

Almost certainly, efforts to change will result in snags and setbacks. It isn’t easy to eliminate bad habits or create new ones. It isn’t easy to get proficient in new skills or to incorporate unfamiliar tools.

Persistence says you get back up. It tries alternative ways. It remains hopeful and determined. It remembers the positive state that the ultimate improvement is intended to achieve and stays the course.

Where do your change efforts get stopped? How can you change to become more effective?