Well Done!

I receive copies of sales notes from our salesmen every week. Those notes include stories about things that go wrong and things that go well with customers.

First off, the things that go right out number the things that go wrong.

On the occasion things go wrong, our efforts to resolve issues are substantial. Our sales team comes up with good fixes and our production folks work hard and decisively to make things go well. We are accountable for our errors.

More impressive are the efforts made in every plant every week to fulfill urgent needs from customers. Whether they neglect to order timely or they have a customer who changes which causes them to change, our teams always respond.

I heard it said years ago that the businesses that succeed don’t ever say “no” to the customer.

In our company, we start with the point of view that we intend to find a solution.

It works like magic. Our sales folks have experience with our teams that gives them confidence. Our sales pros can say to a customer “we will help you” because they have the experience of knowing that we always find a way.

Our teams respond to challenges like that. They know every opportunity to help a customer creates an edge for us. Thus, the motivation level is high. The urgency is great. The willingness to go the extra distance is significant.

So, our folks do the hard thing. They adjust schedules. They come up with creative solutions. They work late. They get up early. They make deliveries at odd hours. They stay up late quoting new designs. It’s amazing.

We pick up where other companies stop. It’s what sets us apart. Well done! It’s an honor to work with you.