Our days are made up of choices and decisions.  

The alarm goes off…. do you get up or roll over and snooze? 

Do you exercise or channel surf? 

Do you say something or stay silent? 

Do you save or spend? 

Do the safe thing or take a risk? 

Eat the right stuff? Do the right thing?  

Do you see it? 

You’ve maybe made a dozen choices already today. What’s the total impact so far? How many were conscious? How many are on autopilot?  

But, when you consider the idea that good choices oriented toward investment in yourself will create margin, does it make you want to be more mindful of the choices? It does me.  

Our goal every day should be to win the choice battle. We get a good start when we create good habits that move us ahead automatically.  

We enhance the advantage when we stay alert to choose crossroads where we pause, consider, and choose an option that will accrue to our benefit.  

Consider your choices and deciding behavior. Take more control. Build your future account.