You Haven’t Failed Until You Quit Trying

Here’s a brief thought for the day:  “You haven’t failed until you quit trying.” Some folks are more easily frustrated than others.  When something doesn’t come easily, they quit trying.   When something involves a long time to learn or to master, they quit trying. When something is done “good enough,” they quit trying. As we […]

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Purposefully or Inadvertently?

Did you see where Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Clinton and Secretary of State Clinton, has taken on the assignment of being a newscaster on NBC? I was reading an article and was struck by her story of what motivated her to move into such a career. She said her grandmother, Dorothy Rodham, […]

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Happy New Year!

In another few hours, 2011 will be done.  I want to thank each of you for the effort you put forth toward strengthening our enterprise.  There is not one of our many teams who has not made progress this year.  I am excited about what 2012 can mean for us.  As we continue our path […]

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Tips on Giving Feedback

I found a management tip by Harvard Business Review on “giving feedback” that I would like to share with you. Here are the guidelines: Be specific. Feedback needs to be actionable. Use concrete examples to back up your conclusions. Avoid generalized character attacks. Instead, describe the behavior. (My thought: We usually classify the people around […]

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